Invited by the House Committee on Homeland Security to Testify about

House Homeland Security CommitteeDue to the media attention I’ve attracted on, I’ve been invited by the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security to testify about the website. This committee is responsible for all security issues on .GOV web sites.

The hearing is entitled, Cyber Side-Effects: How Secure is the Personal Information Entered into the Flawed and will be streamed live from their web site. A recording should be available later.


The hearing is at the Cannon House Office Building and starts at 10 AM on November 13, 2013. This is a formal testimony that I provide under oath.

There will be two panels providing testimony. In the first panel are:

  • Ms. Roberta “Bobbie” Stempfley
    Acting Assistant Secretary
    Office of Cybersecurity and Communications
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Ms. Soraya Correa
    Associate Director
    Enterprise Services Directorate
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security

I will be on the second panel with one other person: Waylon Krush, CEO of Lunarline, Inc. We will each have an opportunity to provide a five minute statement, followed by questions from the Congressmen that will switch between Republicans and Democrats.

Additionally, we provide written testimony for the public record. I have submitted these files:

The event is open to the public with limited seating on a first-come, first-serve basis.


The testimony took place in the committee chambers.

Homeland Security Committee Testimon

The first panel took over two and a half hours. By the time my panel was called, all the Congressmen had left with the exception of Chairman McCaul.

My testimony is split between two video files. Panel 2 starts with Chairman McCaul’s introduction at 2:44, and my testimony at 2:45:20 for five minutes. The other speaker gives his statement, and the Chairman asks questions at 2:56:18 (Video 1)

Here’s a clip of Chairman McCaul’s introduction of me.

The testimony continues in Video 2 with some questions from Chairman McCaul and I describe how government contractors take advantage of taxpayers.

Homeland Security Committee Questions

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  1. Another example of how the government contractors can fail to deliver yet do well financially. Believers in the free enterprise system should recognize that the current government procurement process incentives this behavior as accountability is never enforced and contractors can deflect accusations with their team of lawyers: The Broken System Behind

    After delivering such poor quality, the administration should have recognized that the existing team was incapable to completing the project. Instead, they are rewarded with additional contracts and profits.