Sending Emails using the SendObject Command in Microsoft Access

Integrating emails into Microsoft Access applications is an amazingly powerful way to distribute your data. The built-in SendObject command lets you do this at a very basic level. Here’s a review of the SendObject command’s features and limitations, and how Total Access Emailer can help you extend Access beyond SendObject to really email personalized messages with Microsoft Access data and reports to all your contacts.

2 thoughts on “Sending Emails using the SendObject Command in Microsoft Access

  1. Hi Dwight,

    This paper is about using the built-in DoCmd.SendObject command to send emails from an Access database. If you are interested in sending more advanced emails, you should consider our Total Access Emailer program which offers an Access 2003 version:

    Total Access Emailer uses an SMTP server to send its emails, so it bypasses the client’s email system regardless of whether it’s Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.

    Total Access Emailer uses the list of email addresses in your Access table or query. Does this help?

  2. I have developed an Access 2003 application for a customer who wants e-mailing capabilities.

    The client is a Lotus Notes 6.5 user group.

    By using this product can an e-mail be launched to any user that might be affected by the data entered into the Access database.

    Does this e-mail program contain the e-mail addresses? Can the e-mail addresses be loaded from Lotus Notes?