Welcome to the New FMS Development Team Blog

Welcome to our New Blog

We’ve migrated our blog to WordPress from our previous BlogEngine.NET platform. We hope you like it.

WordPress has become the most common Blogging format, so we’re happy to simplify the process for people to participate in our blog with their WordPress login. We also gain considerably more options for designing the layout of our blog.

We could have started our new blog from scratch but since our existing blog existed for many years, we wanted to migrate it with all the comments from our BlogEngine.NET host to WordPress. That turned out to be a challenge that required learning the idiosyncracies of BlogEngine and WordPress. With the help of Microsoft Access, we created a table with the terms that needed to be translated, read the XML file from BlogEngine, then created a new XML file that WordPress would import.

For details of how we did it, visit
Migrating BlogEngine.NET Posts to WordPress with Translations Using Microsoft Access.

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