Microsoft Access Delete Query SQL Syntax

Delete Query in Microsoft Access Could not delete from the specified tables.JPG

Here’s an additional paper related to our ongoing coverage of queries. This time we’re covering DELETE query syntax in Microsoft Access. In addition to the basics of deleting data and the SQL for DELETE queries, we also cover an interesting situation when DELETE queries fail during multi-table links on non-keyed fields.

If your query fails to delete any records with this message: “Could not delete from the specified tables”, learn why and how to fix it with the DISTINCTROW syntax or setting the Unique Records property to Yes.

For more information on queries in general, read our paper on Microsoft Access Query Tips and Techniques.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Access Delete Query SQL Syntax

  1. when i delete a country from table, i want to delete all the states and cities belongs to that country. how is? can any one explain?

  2. The best way to do this would be to establish referential integrity between the country and the table with the cities and states. That would require every record in the cities/states table to have a country record. When you establish the relationship, include cascading deletes, and if you delete a record in the country table, all the corresponding records in the city/state table get deleted.

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