Sep 04

Use Link Analysis to Visualize Your Data

Link AnalysisWe are all used to seeing the 'rows and columns' metaphor when looking at data. In fact it is the primary interface for many of our data analysis tasks.

But rows and columns can hide valuable patterns. What happens when you take data out of a database and visualize it as a network? Now you can see important connections, centrality, trends, movement over time, and many other key indicators.

Check out our article on Link Analysis and Social Network Analysis to see how our Sentinel Visualizer solution provides innovative ways to get more meaning from your data.

Sep 01

Errors Importing Data from a Microsoft Access 2007 Format File into SQL Server

While attempting to import an Access 2007 format database (*.ACCDB), you may receive an error such as: Unrecognized Database Format or Could not find installable ISAM. These errors can occur if you do not have the appropriate driver installed to import data from ACCDB files.

Importing Microsoft Access MDB databases into SQL Server is a built-in feature of SQL Server. However, because of the difference between the database engine of Microsoft Access 2007 and earlier versions of Microsoft Access, it is not possible to connect to the Access 2007 database using the built-in data source “Microsoft Access”. You can use this if you wish to import data from a MDB format, but not an ACCDB from Access 2007. For more information, check out Errors Importing Data from a Microsoft Access ACCDB Database Format into SQL Server.

Aug 03

Total Access Detective Versions X.7 for Access 2003, 2002, and 2000

Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access Database and Object Comparison ProductTotal Access Detective for Microsoft AccessFind Differences Between Microsoft Access Objects and Databases

With the recent release of Total Access Detective for Access 2007, we're pleased to provide new versions for Microsoft Access 2003, 2002, and 2000 (versions 11.7, 10.7 and 9.7 respectively).

Version X.7 adds many new features including data comparison between two queries, enhanced data comparison options such are comparing two tables when field names are not identical (compare only identical field names or on field order), using the first field as the key field if no key field exists, skipping small numerical data differences, ignoring case differences between modules, improved support for ADP comparisons, etc. Existing customers can upgrade for a nominal fee.

Existing Total Access Detective customers under annual support contracts receive the upgrade for free.

Jul 27

Adding Commonly-used Command Buttons to the Office 2007 Quick Access Toolbar

In Microsoft Office 2007 programs (Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) the Quick Access toolbar in the upper left corner offers shortcuts to several commonly-used toolbar buttons or commands. By default, it just shows Save, Undo, and Redo. However, you can customize this to add commands that you use often.

Jul 27

Collapsing the Office 2007 Ribbon to get more space in your program

When moving from earlier versions of Microsoft Office programs (Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) to Office 2007, the new Ribbon can be very difficult to get used to. One common complaint is that it takes up so much space. However, did you know that the ribbon can be easily collapsed to give you extra vertical space?

Jul 22

Total Access Detective 2007 Is Shipping

Microsoft AccessMicrosoft Access Database and Object Comparison ProductTotal Access Detective for Microsoft AccessFind Differences Between Microsoft Access Objects and Databases

Total Access Detective makes it easy to find differences between any two Microsoft Access databases or objects. Know exactly what changed with your properties, fields, indexes, controls, sections, macro lines, VBA module code, and data! Find new, deleted, and modified records. You can even merge data from two tables into a new one.

New features in Version 12 include support for Access 2007 and the new ACCDB database format with multi-value fields, data comparison between two queries, enhanced data comparison options, improved support for ADP comparisons, ignoring case between modules, a more modern user interface, and much more!

Version 11.7, is also available as a new version for Microsoft Access 2003.

Jul 15

Total Visual Agent 2007 is Shipping

Total Visual Agent is the system administration tool for professionally maintaining your Microsoft Access databases. Our seventh major release, Total Visual Agent 2007 is now shipping with full support for Access 2007 including the Access 2007 ACCDB database format. It incorporates many new features including improved support of Windows NT Service options, ADPs, and a more modern user interface.

Microsoft Access Jet Databases (MDB and ACCDB formats) need to be periodically compacted and repaired for optimal performance. You also need to make regular backups or multiple backups for disaster recovery. Schedule these database chores, manage entire folders or disk drives, and ensure tasks are executed consistently and audited. If something goes wrong, Total Visual Agent can actually send you an email. You can also schedule your own tasks such as running a macro in a database, which can perform all sorts of work such as printing reports, downloads, file transfers, and other processes you want on a regular basis. Tasks can be run monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or just one time. Schedule your tasks and confidently know they’ll be executed according to your plan.