Decimal Field Problems in Microsoft Access Build 12827.20010

Ebo Quansah from the Microsoft Access Team announced problems with decimal fields using the current Microsoft Access Build 12827.20010 that was released with the Monthly cycle. Decimal fields are not commonly used in Access database files, but they are used in linked SQL Server tables.

June 24, 2020 Update

The Microsoft Team has announced that the Decimal Field issue has been fixed in all channels.

  • Current Channel – Version 2005, Build 12827.20470
    (User may need to force a manual update to get the version.)
  • Current Channel (Preview) – Version 2006, Build 13001.20198

For more information on the issue, visit Microsoft’s support page Access VBA/DAO code may crash or report incorrect data for Decimal Columns.

June 18, 2020 Update

There’s a new build update (13001.20198) released on June 18, 2020 for Current Channel (Preview) that has been reported to solve the issue related to using SQL/VBA to write to a Number Data type with a Decimal field size.

June 8, 2020, from Ebo Quansah

Very soon, we will ship a new data type, known as Date & Time Extended, which enhances syntax compatibility with SQL while increasing accuracy & level of detail in date & time records.

While the feature is not yet enabled in Current Channel builds, most of the code for the feature is in the product in an inactive state. Nonetheless, we are aware of a problem that currently exists with this new code. As of today, if you are on version 2005, build 12827.20010 or greater, and you manipulate Decimal fields (Access DataType=Number/FieldSize=Decimal, or SQL DataType=Decimal) using DAO (Data Access Objects), you might have identified your app crashing.

If you hover a variable with the type in VBA code, you may see that the field is not being displayed properly; either reading as ‘?????’ or giving a Type Mismatch error, or Access may crash.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this causes in your Access app. The Access team is working on resolving this issue as soon as possible, and we will report back to you once this error has been fixed. In the interim, we’d recommend for you to roll back to a previous version (, or switch to a slower channel (e.g Monthly Enterprise Channel, or SemiAnnual Channel), until the issue is fixed in Current Channel. 

The issue only impacts Decimal types so if avoiding DAO code that manipulates Decimal types is possible, we’d advise this as a short term solution.

2 thoughts on “Decimal Field Problems in Microsoft Access Build 12827.20010

  1. An access app I have been running for about 12 months now crashes with a run time 13 error and type mismatch. I feel it is related to the June 8 update since it started at that time exactly. Its was my birthday when it crashed!
    Can you please advise on what should do?

  2. Hello FMS! Thanks for mentioned about the new build update (13001.20198) on the Current Channel (Preview). I was having difficult rolling back my version of office from the problem version 2005 to the previous version 2004, so instead I switched to version 2006 which is the new build update mentioned above.

    I used the Office Deployment Tool (ODT) to change the Microsoft 365 Apps update channel to “CurrentPreview” in order to get the new build. I am pleased to report that after a few days of testing, the new build appears to have solved the issue related to using SQL/VBA and writing to a Number Data type with a Decimal field size.

    Glad to finally have MS Access (and my business!) up and running again.

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