Considering Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure?

The Microsoft Azure platform is now available for production use!

We’ve been using Azure over the past year for web/ hosting and SQL Server solutions. We have been very impressed with its features and capabilties. We believe it will revolutionize how we create and deploy applications, and look forward to providing commercial and custom solutions and services with Azure.

We’re already working on several projects including the merging of the Windows desktop/Microsoft Access/Office with the web. We look forward to sharing more with you in the near future.

What do you think about Azure and cloud computing?

9 thoughts on “Considering Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure?

  1. SQL Azure sounds really good, but for me, an Access developer, I need to be able to use it with linked tables. If I understand correctly, it is possible to use it with unbound forms, but the main strength of Access is down its ability to use tables linked to data sources. As things stand, I am more likely to use Sharepoint 2010 if I want a cloud-based database since Sharepoint 2010 is now relational.

  2. Yes. Azure SQL can host a SQL Server database that you can link to from an Access database which we’ve confirmed. You can use bound or unbound forms.

  3. Hi Alan,

    Yes indeed. A SQL Server database sitting in Azure SQL can be linked just like any other SQL Server database. Just point to the connection with an ADP or create an ODBC Connection from a Jet database.

  4. Hiya Luke,
    This sounds very interesting indeed. A while back it seemed to be only possible to get read-only access via linked tables. A colleague has tried again just now and still gets only read-only access. What magic have you invoked to get read-write access via linked tables?

    It is going to be very interesting to see how this fits (or not) with using Sharepoint 2010 as the back end and an Access 2007/2010 front end.


  5. Whoops, a little premature in my announcement. Pretend you didn’t hear it from me <g>, but let’s just assume that in the near future, Azure SQL does work with Access databases through ODBC so you can link to tables hosted there.

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