Oct 23

Access Tip: Simulating the Microsoft Access Runtime Version during Development

The Microsoft Access runtime version allows you to distribute your Access applications to users who do not have a full license of Access. The runtime is similar to the full version of Access, but several of the features that exist in the full version are not available in the runtime. To test your users' experience, you can simulate the runtime with a command line. 

To learn more, read our tip: Simulating the Access Runtime during Microsoft Access Development


Oct 23

Update Query and SQL Syntax in Microsoft Access

Related to our detailed paper on Query Tips and Techniques, we added extra information on the basics and syntax of an Update Query in Microsoft Access.

We also have a related article on dealing with non-updatable queries: Error 3073: Operation must use an updatable query: Dealing with Non-Updateable Queries and the Use of Temporary Tables in Microsoft Access

Oct 16

Save Your Job, Relationship, or Client by Delaying Your Outlook Messages

Have you ever wished you could bring back a message after you press the Send button in Outlook?  Maybe you forgot to add an attachment, or maybe an email came in while you were writing your message that changes what you want to say.

Or maybe you were a bit too hot headed, and that message really should be deleted. No matter what, Outlook offers a feature that I love, which is the abilty to delay mesages in my Outbox for a few minutes. My two minute delay has saved countless blunders.

Here's our Microsoft Outlook tip on delaying messages that describes how to avoid these career and relationship ending mistakes.

Oct 09

Speaking at Office Devcon 2009 in Australia Oct 31 – Nov 1

I'll be giving several presentations on Microsoft Access application development and our products at the Office DevCon 2009 conference in Brisbane, Australia at the end of the month. Hosted at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia campus, I hope you see you there!

For more information, visit our Upcoming Events page.