May 26

Invitation to Preview Version of Total Access Statistics for Microsoft Access 2010

We are pleased to announce the availability of the preview version of Total Access Statistics for Microsoft Access 2010. Total Access Statistics is the most popular data analysis program for Microsoft Access. It extends the data analysis capabilities of Access queries to let you perform advanced numerical analysis on your data. Use any Access table, linked table, or query to perform calculations such as percentiles, regressions, frequency distributions, t-Tests, correlations, non-parametrics, rankings, moving averages, etc. It can also perform data normalization and let you select random records. As you would expect in a query, you can specify Group By fields so analysis is performed on each set of records with identical group fields.

Microsoft Access 2010Total Access Statistics runs within Access with all output in Access tables. It supports MDB, ACCDB, and ADP databases.

In addition to supporting Access 2010, we’ve added financial calculations for cash flows. It now calculates net present value (NPV), present value (PV), future value (FV), internal rate of return (IRR), and modified internal rates of return (MIRR).

This FREE preview is available with support for both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Access 2010. It includes both the interactive wizard that runs as an add-in, plus the programmatic VBA library so you can embed statistical analysis in your applications.

The preview version is fully functional through September 1, 2010. Download it here:

Mar 22

Total Access Statistics User Manual for Microsoft Access

Total Access Statistics is the most advanced and popular data analysis program for Microsoft Access. Total Access Statistics makes it easy to calculate percentiles, regressions, confidence intervals, correlations, t-tests, probabilities, ANOVA, Chi-Square, etc. You can even normalize tables, rank records, and select random records, plus much more without any programming.

To maximize your use of Total Access Statistics for analyzing the data in your Microsoft Access databases, a professionally written and printed user manual is included. The user manual is 176 pages and fully indexed to make it easy to learn about Total Access Statistics, how to use it, definitions of its calculations, its programmatic interface, and tips for optimal use.

The Total Access Statistics user manual is now available for your review. Check it out to see how Total Access Statistics extends the power of Microsoft Access queries so you can analyze your data better than ever. To see it action with your own data, download the trial version.

Jan 22

Microsoft Access Percentile Calculations with Total Access Statistics

Total Access Statistics
is the world’s most popular data analysis program for Microsoft Access. It runs as an Access add-in to let you extend the numerical analysis capabilities of Microsoft Access queries.

A common need among MS Access users and developers is the need to calculate percentiles. We’ve created a new page providing more details on how to Calculate Percentiles in Microsoft Access with Total Access Statistics. Percentiles can be generated on the data from your table or query, and are provided in three ways:

  • A new table with each percentile value as a separate field
  • A new table with each percentile value as a separate record
  • Updating a field in your table with the percentile value corresponding to the data in your record

Download the Total Access Statistics trial version to see for yourself on your own data.