Mar 24

Use Microsoft Access with Exchange/Outlook to manage email list removal

Microsoft Access Email BlasterTotal Access EmailerMicrosoft Access Email Microsoft Access

Many organizations use Microsoft Access to manage a list of email contacts. In conjunction with Total Access Emailer from FMS, it’s easy to send everyone a personalized email (such as a newsletter, order notification, or even a recipient’s individual invoice or sales receipt) in a convenient and automated way. Handling undeliverable emails and unsubscribe requests, however, can be tricky.

Read our new tip to find out how…

Jan 15

Total Visual SourceBook 2007 Ships for Microsoft Access, Office, and Visual Basic 6

Microsoft Access ModulesTotal Visual SourceBookMicrosoft Access Modules

Total Visual SourceBook 2007, the most popular professional source code library for Microsoft Access, Office and Visual Basic 6 is shipping with an expanded code base and improved code manager. With 194 modules/classes and over 100,000 lines of code, Total Visual SourceBook lets you add our well written, documented, and tested code into your VBA/VB6 projects royalty-free. Includes full support for Access 2007, lots of new code for Outlook 2007, Office 2007, the web, etc. Learn more about Total Visual SourceBook and why so many developers use and learn from our years of experience creating professional quality solutions:

Oct 16

Save Your Job, Relationship, or Client by Delaying Your Outlook Messages

Have you ever wished you could bring back a message after you press the Send button in Outlook?  Maybe you forgot to add an attachment, or maybe an email came in while you were writing your message that changes what you want to say.

Or maybe you were a bit too hot headed, and that message really should be deleted. No matter what, Outlook offers a feature that I love, which is the abilty to delay mesages in my Outbox for a few minutes. My two minute delay has saved countless blunders.

Here's our Microsoft Outlook tip on delaying messages that describes how to avoid these career and relationship ending mistakes.